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Terms and conditions

Every visitor must accept our terms and conditions before registering or using any content on / from our website.


Us, we, THOS-SOFTWARES LTD. (Reg: 13105427) or ThosHost (the "company"), the agreement, terms, conditions, terms of service, terms of usage, terms and conditions or (the "contract") and you, customer, customers, user, users or (the "user").


Before registration the user is required to read and accept terms and conditions and privacy policy, our services, products, the control panels and the agreement is provided "AS IS" as we take no responsibility in case that the user didn't read the agreement and the user is responsible for his actions. Services must be paid before expiration date, we are not responsible for any data loss in case that the user's services haven't been paid before expiration date, we cannot offer expired services data back but in case that the data will be available the company can choose at its sole discretion if the data will be received by the user. The minimum age of registration is 13 years and users must input valid data in registration form. Breaking terms and conditions can conduct from service suspension, account cancelation or IP blacklisting to legal binding or warning letter sent from our office to user's adddress. We accept only PayPal payments for dedicated servers and VPS servers, other services can be paid with every payment method that is stated on the website. We may notify you on terms and conditions changes at our sole discretion and you are responsible for reading the agreement every 30 days, the user automatically accepts the agreement after 7 days of notification with or without prior notification. The user is required to ask about other specifications of the service by contacting us, we are not responsible for misunderstandings or lack of information on the website. If a VPS or dedicated server service isn't renewed 7 days before service expiration date the server may expire at midnight (00:00 P.M.) of expiration date. The company may refuse providing services or refuse to accept renewals of the user at company's sole discretion. Every service will expire on the expiration date at midnight and we may reactivate any service and give a backup to the user if the user will pay the renewal fee and an additionall late-renew fee of 2 if the data or backups have not been deleted from our servers.


The user is responsible for his website content, websites that hide malware files, web shells, pirated, copyrighted files obtained without permission, malicious scripts, illegal pages will be suspended without or with prior notification at company's sole discretion without a refund.

Dedicated servers

Users are responsible for their dedicated servers, illegal content could provoke dedicated server suspension, the company can forward a prior notice to the user at company's sole discretion, illegal content found on the server can conduct from warnings from service suspension to legal binding and other punishments stated in the agreement without a refund. If there is any chance for user to change BIOS or IDRAC configuration, user should not change the default options or it will be regarded to as intended damage and a $70.00 EUR fee will be charged to the customer and can conduct also to legal binding.


We are following ICANN regulations and we may require your domain WHOIS data to be validated according to your account details, we may request you to update your data or request an identification photo if an agency, organization or law company is requesting it in some cases. False data on account that will be used on domain registration contacts can conduct from warning to domain cancelation without a refund. The user must notify us via e-mail, ticket or other contact options stated on the website on every personal information modification for updating domain contact information.


We may offer refund for the following services: Web hosting, web reseller or virtual private servers if we get notified that the user want a refund in maximum 3 days of payment but we can refuse the refund request at our sole discretion. Dedicated servers may not get a refund and we will cancel every refund request for dedicated servers.


You are fully responsible for your account, we are not responsible for any account loss, if you lost an account you can use the "Lost password" page, if you don't longer have access to account's email, you can still request a password modification by contacting us and in this case we may require personal data photos such as ID Photo or driving license.


You are required to keep your website or VPS server below 95% usage and your website or server may not make other customers feel uncomfortable with the service, breaking this condition may conduct from warning to service or account suspension. Suspicious usage of our API service may conduct from IP block to service suspension. VPS or dedicated server high usage may conduct to service suspension or extra charges.

Intellectual property

Company's websites style, marketing strategies, graphic design elements, colors, logos, names, offer strategies, email templates, layouts and all paragraphs stated on the website are intellectual property of THOS-SOFTWARES LTD. (Reg: 13105427) and cannot be used on other websites in case that on the third-party website has not been mentioned that the company agree with the use of these elements, you may use logos and names in case that on the website us mentioned the source of creatons, we may request material deletion at our sole discretion and if ignored it can conduct to legal binding or other punishments stated in the agreement.

Illegal content

Illegal content such as websites, pirated software, warez, files, pages, images, videos, scripts, etc... can conduct to content removal, service suspension, account suspension, IP ban to legal binding, we may chose the option at our sole discretion.


We are not responsible for any data loss, the user is responsible for backups and expired, suspended, canceled or marked as fraud services data cannot may be forwarded to the user at company's sole discretion.


We keep data only for web hosting or web reseller accounts a short time after suspension, expiration, cancelation or refund of the service, we may keep a backup of dedicated servers or VPS servers only on request and we can forward the data to the user at our sole discretion. We may make periodical backups at our sole discretion to protect our users.


Breaking of the agreement or refusing paying extra fees brought by abusive usage of services may conduct to legal binding and every law action will be discussed and proceeded by United Kingdom jurisdiction and legal court.