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Privacy policy

Learn about how we use your data, GDPR and what data we collect from visitors and customers, by browsing our website you are required to read and accept our privacy policy.

Cookies policy

Our website is using cookies with information such as login tokens, language, marketing and analytics cookies, etc..., some of the cookies will are required for website functionality and cannot be rejected.

GDPR (General data protection regulation)

GDPR (General data protection regulation) is a regulation in EU law implemented in 14 April 2016 that require websites notify EU visitors about the data that is collected from the visitor.

What data do we collect?

From regular visitors we collect IP addresses, time of visit, page visits, browser, OS, and visitor activity, for registered users we collect data such as account information, IP addresses, activity, browser, OS, services, etc...

How do we use the collected data?

We may use the collected data for analytics, targeted marketing or advertising, sharing with third-parties that make the website run properly and logs.

How to request personal data deletion?

You can request your personal data to be erased from our logs and servers by emailing us at, after a request the data such as IP logs, activity logs and registered accounts will be deleted permanently.

How to change your mind about data collection?

If you change your mind about accepting cookies and privacy policy you may clear your cookies and notify us to delete your data.