Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Website

ThosHost is not responsible for personal / mental injury caused by it's services, we are not supposed to give support on code or manage clients services, they are responsable for any detail in their service, any offensive language / action from a client to ThosHost can be punished from permanent cancelation of services to suspending of account and legal punishment!

Service activation

We are not supposed activate your services instantly, your services will be activated when it's the time, but regulary is activated in max 7 days, even 2.

Service return policy

We can refund your services when you send us an e-mail at support@thos-host.com / ticket and the service is maximum 2 days old (we don't offer refund for domains).

Servers usage

You are not responsible for server bugs and downtime, you cannot use your server usage at maximum (or almost full usage) more than 30 minutes, cryptocurency mining is forbiden and cand return to permanent account closure!

Servers app installations

We are not responsible for instalation of softwares on our servers,we just offer this service, you must work on it!

Illegal usage

Ilegal usage of our servers (DDOS, DOS, piracy, BOTS, SCAN, etc..) is severely punished, from permanent account closure to legal punishment!

Website content

Websites that contains copyrighted / adult / illegal content will be permanently closed!

Website code

We are not responsible for your website code,we are not supposed to help you to code your website,we are closing websites with malicious code!

Website stats

We are not responsible of downtime of your website,we are closing websites that are using too much CPU!

Free products

How free products works? We are offering free products and who want's to upgrade can do this by getting a paid product, that's the system, no scams, is a marketing tehnique, no hidden fees!

Free web hosting

Your website traffic must not exceed 5GB per month,otherwise your website will redirect users to our partner's website until the first day of the next month.

Free web hosting

ThosHost is not responsible of websites downtime and problems or free web hosting!


BillingFox (BillingFox) si our developed billing software,we are not responsible for damages of bugs in BillingFox and we are not supposed to pay for bugs!

Allowed - Not allowed

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Sell BillingFox Use cracked / nulled addons
    Use cracked / nulled themes
    Use malicious scripts to avoid security
    Scam your clients
    Try to avoid license limitations
    Modify base code of BillingFox Copy BillingFox
    Take BillingFox as your own
    Use nulled / cracked versions of BillingFox
    Distribute cracked / nulled addons / themes
    Decode source

You are allowed to:

  • Resell licenses at any price (if these are not nulled / cracked licenses)
    Change theme / client area
    Sell your own addons/themes/client areas
    Edit / create addons
    Manage your store
    Set any price do you want for your products

Case of breaking terms and conditions

Terminating of license
Terminating of services
Legal punishment (fines, or something bad).
If you don't accept BillingFox terms and conditions you can't use it, by using our services, you accept terms and conditions of WHOLE page.
We have permission to cancel any license / license when we want. (But we don't do this regulary)
We have the permission to change domain index page after 3 months if it isn't used, we can sell it and give you a 25% percent of the sale in your account

Privacy policy

ThosHost is using cookies for collecting statistics, fill your domain contact data and track your preferences.

We will never sell your data.

We're collecting data like your account information, IP address, pages you visit, your orders and items in cart.

Our website is using one-way encryption for passwords and a secure SSL certificate to keep your privacy safe.

Working days: from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 21:00 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ.

What is BillingFox?

BillingFox is a complete solution for hosting providers, it offers 100% customization, services selling, many addons, a complete admin panel, all these features for free, for life.

How can you offer free web hosting?

We are getting money from ads on our website and sponsors, your website will never have ads from us.

How much will take for my order to get confirmed?

Usually it takes from 2 to 7 days.

How can i be a partner?

You can contact us on our livechat or send us an email on office@thos-host.com.


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