BillingFox is the perfect solution for hosting providers.

BillingFox License Pro

3.00 EURone month

  • - 500 Clients
    - Without Credits on footer
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BillingFox License Business

5.00 EURone month

  • - Unlimited clients
    - Without credits on footer
    - Premium support
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BillingFox License Infinite


  • - Unlimited Clients
    - Without credits on footer
    - Premium support
    - FOR LIFE
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BillingFox License Development

0.00 EURone month

  • If you are a developer
    and you want to create
    addons, themes and
    client areas for BillingFox
    You can simply order a
    development license
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BillingFox licenses

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With BillingFox you can be a hosting provider and automate your payments, manage clients and use the integrated helpdesk system easely and there 25+ other cool features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ.

What payment methods does BillingFox have?

PayPal (Card & balance) and PaySafeCard but you can extend payment functionalities with addons.

What are the rules for development licenses?

Simple: - Send us your creation download links (for themes / addons / client areas)

BillingFox have automation systems?

Yes, you can automate your BillingFox via our addons from marketplace.

What i get from Development license?

If you make creations for us you can get free licenses and some money if your theme is bought by more peoples.

How to send my creations to you?

You can simply make a ticket with the link and informations about your creation.


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