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Frequently asked questions

Get fast answers by reading our frequently asked questions.

What control panel do you use for web hosting?

We are using "cPanel" as web hosting control panel.

Do you offer custom service configurations?

Yes, we do. Please make a ticket and ask for more details.

What if i want to join startup or dedireseller program?

Please check startup program and dedireseller program page.

Are your servers managed or unmanaged?

All of our servers are unmanaged, you are responsible for configurations and installations.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Stripe, PaySafeCard and all major credit cards, if you want to pay with other method please contact us.

How can i cancel my account?

You cannot directly cancel your account but you may contact us via e-mail ( to get your account canceled, this action cannot be undone.

Do you provide reseller plans?

You get a reseller account by purchasing one of our web reseller packages or by joining our dedireseller program.

Do you have an API?

Yes we have, please check API documentation page.

How can i request a new feature?

Please create a ticket with your suggestion and we will be happy to add it in next updates.

What is Geo-localization for VPS?

IP Geo-localization will let your server use an IP address different than where is the server actually located, some VPS servers may have this mention, this feature is letting us provide servers at a lower price than the normal one for specific areas.

How can i order additional IPs?

You may request additional IP addresses for your dedicated servers or web packages, however, we do not provide additional IP addresses for VPS.