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About our company

ThosHost, a THOS-SOFTWARES LTD. (Reg: 13105427) company has been founded in 15 August 2019, our mission is to deliver the best online services results to companies, freelancers and individuals.

Our history

Our company has been founded in 15 August 2019, we started as a "shy" little web hosting provider that wanted to enter in industry, as time passed we scaled and started providing dedicated infrastructure to our customers and to offer the best software solutions for other companies.

Our customers

Our customer base is made of regular online businesses, but not limited to other hosting companies, freelancers and individuals.

Software industry

Our effect in software industry has changed hosting-related activities and costs, we want to provide a low-cost billing software solution for hosting companies accross the world with BillingFox.

Company details

Legal details

THOS-SOFTWARES LTD. (Reg: 13105427)
International House, 12 Constance Street, London, United Kingdom, E16 2DQ

Our values

Our company values are: Scalability, Innovation & hard-thinking.