How to get better rankings than YOUR competitors?
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How to get better rankings than YOUR competitors?

Is very hard to keep focused on work when your competitors are growing.

If you want to beat them at search engine rankings race you will have to steal their keywords and do a lot of work.

I was drinking my coffee while i was checking my keyword rankings for ThosHost.

I saw i was ranked for a very good keyword and i got the idea of this blog post.

What if your competitors already got a very good keyword for their business that is matching with yours?

Is okay to steal it?

And if yes, how?

Why your competitors have better search engine rankings than yours?

There are several reasons for why your competitors have better search engine rankings (SERPs) than your business, some of them can be:

  • More high quality backlinks to their website;
  • More sequences of the specified keyword on their website;
  • Their domain contains the keyword;
  • Their website age is bigger than your business age.

Your business can be younger than your competitors, but you also can beat them at the SEO game.

Let’s pretend you are a reseller hosting provider and your competitors are ranking for the keyword “Cheap DDoS protected web hosting”.

By trying a list of SEO optimization techniques you can get even above their website in SERPs.

This will happen because Google (or any other search engine) will think your website have more quality than them.

Please note in mind if you want to get better rankings than a very big competitors you have to work extremely hard to do this.

How can you beat competitors on search engine rankings?

Before you learn about how to get better SEO for your website you would need to check Google’s SEO starter guide to avoid most common mistakes on SEO and to avoid black listing of your website on search engines.

If your website is blacklisted on search engines is a “fatal” problem because your website needs to be indexed.

How to steal your competitor’s keywords?

You need to steal your competitor’s keywords to let Google know your website is currently focused on this topic.

What if you are a reseller hosting provider and your competitors are good rankings for the keyword “Cheap DDoS protected web hosting“, what you should do?

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How to steal these keywords?

  1. Make your most important pages on the website to use these keywords.

    You have to create some new content on your most important pages on the website to initiate the SEO race.
    First write about your products and after that about your features and don’t forget to explain them in detail.
    In the next days you will rank for these keywords, not a big ranking but you get in the race.

  2. Use these keywords in your meta descriptions & headline tags.

    Your website should have these keywords on the headline tags and meta descriptions.
    By doing that your search engine ranking will go even faster.

  3. Increase your website pages XML sitemap importance where are these keywords.

    This is a good advice because you’re convincing search engines these pages are very important.
    If a page is considered important it will be indexed more frequently.

Get quality backlinks to increase your website’s authority.

Backlinks are links on blogs or other websites that are linking to your website domain.

Is very important to get quality backlinks to your website from quality websites because they’re extremely important for your SERPs.

Most important backlinks are dofollow, they’re giving more backlink juice to your website if there’s a good content website.

Also the nofollow links are good for your website, but they don’t offer more website authority score to you.

You will need more content on your website pages.

If your page contains more words it is considered a quality page by search engines if it offers understandable content and is easy to read.

Your competitor’s pages simply cannot beat huge and quality content because they cannot beat quality web page content like yours.

You can add new sections to your website pages for instance there you can offer information about your business and products that are related to your competitors.

Add a lot of pages into your website.

Make more pages about different topics and products to have more chances for your website to be indexed.

You can create also pages about some documentation and about every feature on your services, there can be even more keywords and make your pages even easier to find on search engine results rather than your competitors businesses.

What to do after your business get above your competitors?

You have to work constantly on your business website SEO because in the moment you got better rankings than competitors they will realize that.

They most likely will respond same, by spending many days, energy or even money to get their place back on search engines.

In this time you are stealing their customers and grow your business with easy simply because your competitors got a good keyword.

Read about Better SEO for little websites in 2020.

Final words.

Your business model is very important to your customers, but if you want to win you have to “eat” your own competitors rankings.

Focus on smallest SEO optimizations and as a result you will get better rankings than your customers and finally, beat them!

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