The ultimate hosting reseller guide in 2020.

The ultimate hosting reseller guide in 2020.

Being a hosting or domain reseller is not easy but if you want to be one you will need to know something to avoid most common hosting reseller business mistakes by reading this hosting reseller guide.

In this morning while i was enjoying my happy coffee (it had a random smiley face on it) i was thinking about my oldest hosting provider mistakes and what if i will help little resellers to get quality on their hosting businesses.

How much does it cost to be a hosting reseller?

Depends on how much budget for advertising do you have, but i personally think $15 is enough, now you can order your reseller hosting and a BillingFox license.

For a minimal reseller the total can round to $12, the base setup is a hosting reseller account, a domain and the billing software license.

In this hosting reseller guide we’re focusing to don’t spend to much money.

Setup of your new-brand hosting company.

After you have all elements to start a hosting company you can easily setup your business.

For first you would need to create web hosting packages, you can do it via “Add a package” item on WHM main menu.

Add a cPanel package

Set the information for your web hosting packages and we can take it to the next step.

Create your custom private nameservers, now you should do it via your domain registrar, if we are your registrar please make a ticket to create private nameservers that points to the reseller hosting cPanel server.

Now you can create a cPanel account for your website, we fully recommend to use a dedicated IP address, if you created custom nameservers you must check the box ” Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar. (Ignore locally specified nameservers.)“.

Create a new cPanel account

After you create it you should issue a SSL certificate after you login in your cPanel account and search for SSL certificates in the search box.

Search for SSL/TLS Status in cPanel

Enter on SSL/TLS Status, check all domain checkboxes and click on “Run AutoSSL“.

SSL/TLS Status page in cPanel

The SSL certificate should be active on maximum 15 minutes.

Now we must customize our cPanel hosting control panel, to do this you would need to enter on WHM >> Customization

Customization in cPanel

Fill all fields with your new company information, customize style and public contact tabs, after that go to Web Template Editor if you want to customize also your default pages.

Now enter on your cPanel file manager via your hosting account.

File manager in cPanel

Download BillingFox latest version via your Thos-Host control panel under the section My services by clicking on your service manage button and “Download BillingFox” button.

Now enter on your cPanel file manager and open the public_html folder, it is the main directory of your website, after that click on Upload button.

cPanel file manager upload button

Now you can drag and drop your BillingFox archive to the container and get back on to your public_html directory.

cPanel file manager drag and drop

Right-click once to your BillingFox archive and then press on “Extract” to extract all the files you need.

Extrach archive in file manager

When the extracting is done select all main folder files and click on “Change permissions”, be sure you set them to 775 octal or check all permissions instead of the guest write & execute check boxes.

Change file permissions on file manager

Open your website and you will see there’s BillingFox installation wizard.

BillingFox installation wizard

After you installed BillingFox and created your cronjob you have to go to your main page.

BillingFox default theme page

It have default theme, you can browse BillingFox Marketplace to get new ones, addons and client area styles.

The default theme color can be configured in content/themes/BF_default/theme_config.php, there you can set main color to be green, black, red, blue or orange.

Manage your hosting website.

Login into your account with credentials that you set on installation.

Activate PayPal payment add-on to get payments via PayPal, download your cPanel add-on from your BillingFox marketplace account, upload it in a directory named “CPanelWHM” in “content/addons/” directory, after that enter in add-ons menu from your admin area and install it.

Don’t forget to get your API key from your WHM.

Add your products and don’t forget to add hosting products in admin area > CPanelWHM add-on > List and manage cPanel products, your products will be there if they have the add-on set to CPanelWHM, don’t forget to set a package for it via your add-on control panel.

Now we finished your hosting company basic setup, additionally you can upload a new theme to your BillingFox installation and upload a new client area style.

Start getting customers.

You can advertise your brand-new company to your friends, promote it on social media and so importantly, add it on Google search console.

Try to learn and improve your SEO rankings every day to get customers directly from Google search.

Now i feel like i must tell you some reseller hosting provider tips.

Don’t invest too much.

If you are a little company you must don’t invest too much because in the next month prices may increase and you maybe don’t have money to afford it.

Be patient for your company.

Is extremely recommended to be patient because your company growing can take even 2 years to be a little successful.

Customers can be stressing, you must treat them calm and you can be extremely stressed.

Re-invest again.

You will need to re-invest in your company to grow, money from your company goes to your company, when you make enough money you can spend a little bit on what do you want personally.


The startup is most hardly, you must work hard to grow your company and if you touch the success help others to do that, i hope i helped your with this hosting reseller guide.

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