How to handle difficult customers?
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How to handle difficult customers?

Along many months i was getting more, more customers in live chat that are difficult to manage and maybe you already know this typology of clients is very stressing.

Managing customers is a hard task and it can depend in your business reputation, today i will talk about how to manage difficult customers.

Don’t try to compare you with other business like yours.

I learned how to handle this type of customers by reading more books, blog articles, YouTube videos and from my experience as a hosting provider.

A very important tip is to don’t compare you with other hosting providers because you’re advertisign your competitors.


Talk with your customer like he is talking with you.

If your customer is seriously you must talk with him seriously, from my experience by using that method you have more chances for a sale.

If your customer is coursing don’t try that, because you are encouraging him to course more and i think it is not a good practice because he will have low changes to buy something from you.

How to handle expensive customers?

Expensive customers are the type of people that have more money but also want very specific specifications from your products, here you can stay calm and don’t try to look desperate because you have a high-price sale.

Is very important to stay calm and tell to your customer all specifications of the product.

How to handle cheap customers?

You business need expensive and middle customers.
Try to limit your cheap customers because your service must be advertised as a quality product.

If a cheap customer want too more is okay to say “Sorry but if you want more you must have more money.”.

How to handle abusive customers?

An abusive customer is someone who is coursing in the live chat, or abusing CPU and not taking action, etc…

You don’t need it if it’s affecting your business reputation and / or other customers, if you have in your terms and conditions a condition that is not allowing that, suspend this customer immediately.

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Your customers are most important thing that your business have, you must treat them properly and don’t hesitate to suspend them if they are abusive.

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