How to get better rankings than YOUR competitors?

SEO techniquest to destroy competitors

Is very hard to keep focused on work when your competitors are growing.

If you want to beat them at search engine rankings race you will have to steal their keywords and do a lot of work.

I was drinking my coffee while i was checking my keyword rankings for ThosHost.

I saw i was ranked for a very good keyword and i got the idea of this blog post.

What if your competitors already got a very good keyword for their business that is matching with yours?

Is okay to steal it?

And if yes, how?

Why your competitors have better search engine rankings than yours?

There are several reasons for why your competitors have better search engine rankings (SERPs) than your business, some of them can be:

  • More high quality backlinks to their website;
  • More sequences of the specified keyword on their website;
  • Their domain contains the keyword;
  • Their website age is bigger than your business age.

Your business can be younger than your competitors, but you also can beat them at the SEO game.

Let’s pretend you are a reseller hosting provider and your competitors are ranking for the keyword “Cheap DDoS protected web hosting”.

By trying a list of SEO optimization techniques you can get even above their website in SERPs.

This will happen because Google (or any other search engine) will think your website have more quality than them.

Please note in mind if you want to get better rankings than a very big competitors you have to work extremely hard to do this.

How can you beat competitors on search engine rankings?

Before you learn about how to get better SEO for your website you would need to check Google’s SEO starter guide to avoid most common mistakes on SEO and to avoid black listing of your website on search engines.

If your website is blacklisted on search engines is a “fatal” problem because your website needs to be indexed.

How to steal your competitor’s keywords?

You need to steal your competitor’s keywords to let Google know your website is currently focused on this topic.

What if you are a reseller hosting provider and your competitors are good rankings for the keyword “Cheap DDoS protected web hosting“, what you should do?

Image source:

How to steal these keywords?

  1. Make your most important pages on the website to use these keywords.

    You have to create some new content on your most important pages on the website to initiate the SEO race.
    First write about your products and after that about your features and don’t forget to explain them in detail.
    In the next days you will rank for these keywords, not a big ranking but you get in the race.

  2. Use these keywords in your meta descriptions & headline tags.

    Your website should have these keywords on the headline tags and meta descriptions.
    By doing that your search engine ranking will go even faster.

  3. Increase your website pages XML sitemap importance where are these keywords.

    This is a good advice because you’re convincing search engines these pages are very important.
    If a page is considered important it will be indexed more frequently.

Get quality backlinks to increase your website’s authority.

Backlinks are links on blogs or other websites that are linking to your website domain.

Is very important to get quality backlinks to your website from quality websites because they’re extremely important for your SERPs.

Most important backlinks are dofollow, they’re giving more backlink juice to your website if there’s a good content website.

Also the nofollow links are good for your website, but they don’t offer more website authority score to you.

You will need more content on your website pages.

If your page contains more words it is considered a quality page by search engines if it offers understandable content and is easy to read.

Your competitor’s pages simply cannot beat huge and quality content because they cannot beat quality web page content like yours.

You can add new sections to your website pages for instance there you can offer information about your business and products that are related to your competitors.

Add a lot of pages into your website.

Make more pages about different topics and products to have more chances for your website to be indexed.

You can create also pages about some documentation and about every feature on your services, there can be even more keywords and make your pages even easier to find on search engine results rather than your competitors businesses.

What to do after your business get above your competitors?

You have to work constantly on your business website SEO because in the moment you got better rankings than competitors they will realize that.

They most likely will respond same, by spending many days, energy or even money to get their place back on search engines.

In this time you are stealing their customers and grow your business with easy simply because your competitors got a good keyword.

Read about Better SEO for little websites in 2020.

Final words.

Your business model is very important to your customers, but if you want to win you have to “eat” your own competitors rankings.

Focus on smallest SEO optimizations and as a result you will get better rankings than your customers and finally, beat them!

The ultimate hosting reseller guide in 2020.

The ultimate hosting reseller guide.

Being a hosting or domain reseller is not easy but if you want to be one you will need to know something to avoid most common hosting reseller business mistakes by reading this hosting reseller guide.

In this morning while i was enjoying my happy coffee (it had a random smiley face on it) i was thinking about my oldest hosting provider mistakes and what if i will help little resellers to get quality on their hosting businesses.

How much does it cost to be a hosting reseller?

Depends on how much budget for advertising do you have, but i personally think $15 is enough, now you can order your reseller hosting and a BillingFox license.

For a minimal reseller the total can round to $12, the base setup is a hosting reseller account, a domain and the billing software license.

In this hosting reseller guide we’re focusing to don’t spend to much money.

Setup of your new-brand hosting company.

After you have all elements to start a hosting company you can easily setup your business.

For first you would need to create web hosting packages, you can do it via “Add a package” item on WHM main menu.

Add a cPanel package

Set the information for your web hosting packages and we can take it to the next step.

Create your custom private nameservers, now you should do it via your domain registrar, if we are your registrar please make a ticket to create private nameservers that points to the reseller hosting cPanel server.

Now you can create a cPanel account for your website, we fully recommend to use a dedicated IP address, if you created custom nameservers you must check the box ” Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar. (Ignore locally specified nameservers.)“.

Create a new cPanel account

After you create it you should issue a SSL certificate after you login in your cPanel account and search for SSL certificates in the search box.

Search for SSL/TLS Status in cPanel

Enter on SSL/TLS Status, check all domain checkboxes and click on “Run AutoSSL“.

SSL/TLS Status page in cPanel

The SSL certificate should be active on maximum 15 minutes.

Now we must customize our cPanel hosting control panel, to do this you would need to enter on WHM >> Customization

Customization in cPanel

Fill all fields with your new company information, customize style and public contact tabs, after that go to Web Template Editor if you want to customize also your default pages.

Now enter on your cPanel file manager via your hosting account.

File manager in cPanel

Download BillingFox latest version via your Thos-Host control panel under the section My services by clicking on your service manage button and “Download BillingFox” button.

Now enter on your cPanel file manager and open the public_html folder, it is the main directory of your website, after that click on Upload button.

cPanel file manager upload button

Now you can drag and drop your BillingFox archive to the container and get back on to your public_html directory.

cPanel file manager drag and drop

Right-click once to your BillingFox archive and then press on “Extract” to extract all the files you need.

Extrach archive in file manager

When the extracting is done select all main folder files and click on “Change permissions”, be sure you set them to 775 octal or check all permissions instead of the guest write & execute check boxes.

Change file permissions on file manager

Open your website and you will see there’s BillingFox installation wizard.

BillingFox installation wizard

After you installed BillingFox and created your cronjob you have to go to your main page.

BillingFox default theme page

It have default theme, you can browse BillingFox Marketplace to get new ones, addons and client area styles.

The default theme color can be configured in content/themes/BF_default/theme_config.php, there you can set main color to be green, black, red, blue or orange.

Manage your hosting website.

Login into your account with credentials that you set on installation.

Activate PayPal payment add-on to get payments via PayPal, download your cPanel add-on from your BillingFox marketplace account, upload it in a directory named “CPanelWHM” in “content/addons/” directory, after that enter in add-ons menu from your admin area and install it.

Don’t forget to get your API key from your WHM.

Add your products and don’t forget to add hosting products in admin area > CPanelWHM add-on > List and manage cPanel products, your products will be there if they have the add-on set to CPanelWHM, don’t forget to set a package for it via your add-on control panel.

Now we finished your hosting company basic setup, additionally you can upload a new theme to your BillingFox installation and upload a new client area style.

Start getting customers.

You can advertise your brand-new company to your friends, promote it on social media and so importantly, add it on Google search console.

Try to learn and improve your SEO rankings every day to get customers directly from Google search.

Now i feel like i must tell you some reseller hosting provider tips.

Don’t invest too much.

If you are a little company you must don’t invest too much because in the next month prices may increase and you maybe don’t have money to afford it.

Be patient for your company.

Is extremely recommended to be patient because your company growing can take even 2 years to be a little successful.

Customers can be stressing, you must treat them calm and you can be extremely stressed.

Re-invest again.

You will need to re-invest in your company to grow, money from your company goes to your company, when you make enough money you can spend a little bit on what do you want personally.


The startup is most hardly, you must work hard to grow your company and if you touch the success help others to do that, i hope i helped your with this hosting reseller guide.

The difference between VPS, VDS and Dedicated server.

Difference between VPS, VDS and dedicated servers.

When i started as a hosting provider i heard so many terms like VPS, VDS and dedicated server but i didn’t knew what they really mean, actually i didn’t got enough information to understand these type of servers.

I knew what they do, but not really what they are and what are their benefits based on performance and today i will help you broke this confusion.

Dedicated server – the big machine.

A dedicated server is a physical machine hosted in a datacenter, it is usually keep on months over months until it get restarted for memory cleaning purposes.

A dedicated server is extremely powerful and it costs about $60-$70 per month on a datacenter or around $1.000 to get one physically at your home, the costs of a machine like this is very huge and you must consider putting it on a datacenter (make a collocation) if you don’t want your electric bill “to steal all of your money”.

It is very hard maintained and her hardware pieces are a little bit expensive so i don’t really think they are a good choice for a little company.

You can get one hosted on a datacenter for a good price and it haves many, many features with high-end performance.

As is stated in

With a dedicated server you can create huge websites, extremely complex web applications, host your on virtual dedicated servers or even virtual private servers and more.

VDS – Virtual dedicated servers.

The virtual dedicated servers (V.D.S.) are enhanced VPS (Virtual Private Servers) with KVM virtualization (a.k.a. VPS KVM), this virtualization type allow VPS to have extremely isolated resources.

With this virtualization type it offer good performance and stability and it costs around $10-$30 but you can find some cheap virtual dedicated servers here about $4 per month.

In our days almost every company is moving to the new technology of virtual dedicated servers because of VPS instability.

VPS – Virtual private servers.

A virtual private server comes usually with OpenVZ virtualization and it is pretty slow and unstable.

I don’t recommend to use a VPS for a big project, it is okay for a little website or a little machine learning program but don’t use it to base your company.

A lot of web applications aren’t working on OpenVZ system based VPS and it’s price is around $4-$8 (for low VPS servers).

What do i have to choose for my company?

Depends on your company customers number, if your are a high-end with hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors you can be sure you will need a high-end dedicated server, companies like Goo

Read about why domains are a gold mine.


From a hosting provider i think your solution is a VDS server and if you have a bigger budget you can even try a dedicated server to base your company for now.

How to sell with ease in 2020 with these tricks.

How to sell with ease in 2020?

If you want to be a hosting provider or if you already have a hosting or domain reseller company and you are wondering about how to sell properly to your customers then read my secrets about that, may it will help you.

The golden phrase.

When you are selling to your customers and they are not convinced they really want to buy, just say this:

Payment method?

This looks a little bit intrusive, but it works for me almost every time because in this way you are making the customer think he really want to buy something, is like you already did the deal.

Offers and offers.

When you want your customer to buy and you are on a call or live chat with him you can grow up the offer if you already have so many resources available.

Like i do to undecided customers, instead of saying “The price is 9$ per month and you will get your web hosting plan.” you can just say “The web hosting plan will take about 9$ per month and also you will get 20X Faster web hosting, free SSL certificate, 1TBps DDoS protection and a powerful cPanel for you website. If you want more i can give you a dedicated IP for an extra 2$ to keep your website secure and fast.” , i really suggest web hosting providers to do this because it sell.

Don’t use the “sir” word.

When you are using the “sir” word to address to your customer you can lose a sale because this word creates “a wall” in your sales.

Try talking with your customer like he talks with you, that’s my advice to you.


It is very easy to sell but you must be more simplest, you must talk with your customer like you are talking with a friend, you can offer him discounts and modify the offer to fit in her needs.

Better SEO for little websites in 2020.

SEO for little websites.

On my first months of being a hosting provider i wondered about my website’s search engine rankings, so i started learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for me it is complicated and easy in the same moment, i mean, i know what to do but i must write more, more code to get better rankings, that’s not all, i had to make a Facebook and Twitter page and i started coding bigger pages and today i will show you my SEO secrets and how to make better SEO for your little website.

For first, your visitors count.

When talking about SEO your visitors really count, this not only improve your Alexa rankings, but also gives you a good head start in SERPs (Search engine results).

They drive traffic to your website and Google knows how many visitors do you have so your page will pe highly ranked on search engines.

Social media posts are very important.

When you post on a social media page like i do, you gain free quality backlinks and your website get more ranking on search engines.

Also it gives you traffic trough social media visitors when they click your links and you can promote your webste with ease.

Include keywords in your page.

If you want to rank in Google for “Advertising here” you must include these words in your page how much you can, but don’t abuse with that, it can give you lower rankings.

Domain, title and meta description are the SEO base.

When search engines are crawling your website they first search for your domain, title and meta description.

They are extremely important for your SEO rankings and you would need to look at them carefully, include your most important keywords in them.

Should you be SEO obsessed?

Clearly not, but please take a little look at your keywords, good SEO conduct to more traffic and you want this, right?

I cannot say i am not a SEO maniac, but i don’t focus everyday on green dots from Yoas SEO plugin.


You should focus on your SEO because it drives more traffic to your website, almost 60% of my customers come from search engines.

Why domains are a gold mine?

Domain names

I enjoy my second coffee cup while writing this blog post, i am thinking why peoples don’t offer enough value to domains, but from my perspective they are a “gold mine”.
What want to say?
Until 1995 domain names have been free, now a single extension can cost up to $33.000, sure, there are some cheap and popular extensions.

Im just imagining if you have registered 10 domains in 1994 and sell them today you earn about $170.000 fast, or you can get the domain, that has been sold for about $3.000.000, that’s insane!

Yes, you can still resell good domains actually.

New domain extensions are appearing constantly and you can get ok.cheeseburger (if this extension would exist, who know, maybe when you read this it is already there) and sell it for thousands of dollars.

Or you can sell directly extensions.

Some domain registrars offer domain reseller plans, some of them for free (but you will still need to add balance into your account).

You can start your domain selling business very easy, with a reseller account you usually can have lower prices than your domain registrar and you can sell domain names with prices of your registrar.

Why some domain extensions are so expensive?

Simply, the registry charges this price to registrars and if the domain taxes grow, same happens to domain extension.

For example i found the extension .hotels, this cost about $33.000, the registry never will let you have a discount below her taxes because if the registry do this, he is losing money.


Domains are still profitable and this will be same more years from now, as a domain registry partner, is providing extensions very cheap and offer discounts to customers that come in live chat for that so you can start selling domains right now.

What is passive reseller and how to start a hosting company without servers?

Women behind dedicated servers.

When we say “Reseller” you may think you need a cPanel web hosting reseller account or Virtualizor reseller account, but you actually don’t need to spend dozens of dollars for your startup company servers because you can be a passive reseller.

For first what is a reseller?

The traditional term of “hosting reseller” means you buy your resources from someone and use them to create hosting accounts for your business customers.

In our days a new term of reseller was born, it is called passive reseller.

What is passive reseller and how much it does it cost?

When you do passive reselling means you buy your hosting plans or VPS hosting plans from somewhere and sell them at a little bit higher price.

This type of reseller does not need any investment, but it takes a lot of work because you have to hide real host entity, communicate with third-party hosting provider and keep the prices okay for customers.

After you buy from a third-party hosting provider and sell to your customers you get paid, make customer’s order be on Pending status, buy your customer’s service, give the service to customer and keep the rest for you.

How to hide third-party hosting provider identity as a passive hosting reseller?

When you buy from a third party you should have some things in your mind.

  • Organization;
  • rDNS (Reverse DNS);
  • Panel branding;
  • Pricing.

How to hide these information and how can it affect my passive reseller business?

On check-host your server will display the rDNS and organization, there can be some third-party ads like

check-host for websites

You need to get dedicated IP addresses for your third-party services. in order to ask your third-party hosting provider to set a custom rDNS like (as an example).

If the third-party hosting provider own an IP class he may customized Organization with her hosting business name.

Please note if there’s as an organization name a big hosting company you should don’t worry if you sell under their prices.

How to hide Panel branding?

You should need to communicate with your third-party hosting provider about that, to make you a pay-for-what-you-use reseller account or to change her Virtualizor / cPanel branding to default ones, without branding.

What if someone found you are a passive reseller?

Not more things, but you can lose your customer or lose your business reputation so you should pay attention on hiding these information.

Read about the ultimate hosting reseller guide in 2020.

Final words.

This is a good way to startup your business with extremely low investment (not 0 because you have to buy your domain and hosting), after your grow you essentially need to move to a VPS or a dedicated server.

What to do if you are victim of a DDoS attack?


In 2020 a DDoS attack is a nightmare for some hosting providers, bloggers and other webmasters, when i started ThosHost, someone started to attack my business and i didn’t knew how to handle this so one week my Google ranking has been destroyed and lost more customers.

But in time i learned what to do in case of a DDoS attack, you should learn this because is extremely important for your business.

For first, what is a DDoS or DoS attack?

DoS attacks are more likely to not affect your business because these type of attacks are started from a single PC / Server, this means is a single IP that attack you and is easy to get information about attacker.

When someone try a DDoS attack it can be done via Botnets, Layer7, Layer4 and more other methods, it is making hundreds, thousands or even millions of requests to your website so your web server cannot handle them all and it goes offline until some seconds after attack is finished.

The problem comes when a DDoS attack is started, it is did from several machines that point to your server, the power of this type of attack is huge and is very hard to determine what IP addresses try to destroy your online business.

The starting of the nightmare.

Some random people just targeted your business to attack because they think it is “funny” (it isn’t) and started the attack, is very importantly to determine your attackers in first 1-2 minutes of the attack because after that (or even shorter time) your business go offline.

If you are using a VPS or a Dedicated server you can run the following commands in your terminal:

grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l

These commands will output your uptime and load average, if there’s more than 7 in the first command there is a problem, maybe you are attacked.

Check load average and uptime in Linux.

In my case 4 is a very good number.

Analyze the attack.

If you got above 7 in the first command you must take action immediately and check what IP addresses are connecting to your machine.

To do that you will need to run the following command:

netstat -ntu|awk '{print $5}'|cut -d: -f1 -s|sort|uniq -c|sort -nk1 -r
Check IP addresses that are connecting to your machine.

This command will check how many IP addresses are connecting to your web server and how many connections they have.

(connections) (IP)

If an IP address will have more than 100 connections is more likely for you to get a DDoS attack.

Please note to ignore your own machine IP address.

If you are convinced there are IP addresses that attack your own machine you can block them via the next iptables command:


Also you can do a Check-Host to the IP address and check what hosting provider or / and ISP have it.

Read about The Ultimate Hosting Reseller guide.


The DDoS / DoS nightmare can be avoided, but you don’t have more time to do it from the attack starting moment, you should take action immediately.

I hope i helped more website owners with this post, if you pay attention you will never feel a DDoS attack again, also you can report these IP addresses to the police and inform your datacenter about it.

Domain name system, explained.

coffe, laptopn and notebook

Some weeks ago i heard from a customer “How can i create a domain from my VPS server?“, then in my mind was a big face palm, that’s why today i will explain the domain name system.

For first, what is a domain name?

A domain name is your brand, it appears on your link and it is very important for your business., there is the domain name and .com is the extension.

How are domains registered?

Every domain is registered in global name system databases via registries when a registrar or reseller register a domain.

When you register a domain you are the registrar, the website in that you register the domain is a reseller or an ICANN accredited registrar.

Can you become a domain registrar?

Yes, you can, but you have to pay a $3.000 application non-refundable fee and if you are accepted you will have to pay about $4.000 yearly fee.

If you become a domain registrar you will get the API system of some registries and you can register domains at lowest prices.

You will also have to pay the $0.18 charity ICANN fee and registry tax.

Can you become a registry (domain extension manager)?

Is extremely hard to become a domain extension manager, from my knowledge you must pay millions of dollars for an extensions like Google bought .app extension for about $3.000.000.

Some interesting domain facts.

  • Domain extensions were free before 95’s.
  • In October 2015, an ex-employee of Google managed to buy domain when the company forgot to renew it, Google gave $6.006 to this guy to get their domain back.
  • After expiring of a domain name there’s a 40 days grace period, in that nobody can register the domain, but some registries allow grace registration for about $200 registration fee, also it depends on the domain name.

Domain name system have extremely more extensions and rules, is very hard to keep them in a single article, but from my perspective domains are interesting.

How to handle difficult customers?

Two peoples shaking hands.

Along many months i was getting more, more customers in live chat that are difficult to manage and maybe you already know this typology of clients is very stressing.

Managing customers is a hard task and it can depend in your business reputation, today i will talk about how to manage difficult customers.

Don’t try to compare you with other business like yours.

I learned how to handle this type of customers by reading more books, blog articles, YouTube videos and from my experience as a hosting provider.

A very important tip is to don’t compare you with other hosting providers because you’re advertisign your competitors.


Talk with your customer like he is talking with you.

If your customer is seriously you must talk with him seriously, from my experience by using that method you have more chances for a sale.

If your customer is coursing don’t try that, because you are encouraging him to course more and i think it is not a good practice because he will have low changes to buy something from you.

How to handle expensive customers?

Expensive customers are the type of people that have more money but also want very specific specifications from your products, here you can stay calm and don’t try to look desperate because you have a high-price sale.

Is very important to stay calm and tell to your customer all specifications of the product.

How to handle cheap customers?

You business need expensive and middle customers.
Try to limit your cheap customers because your service must be advertised as a quality product.

If a cheap customer want too more is okay to say “Sorry but if you want more you must have more money.”.

How to handle abusive customers?

An abusive customer is someone who is coursing in the live chat, or abusing CPU and not taking action, etc…

You don’t need it if it’s affecting your business reputation and / or other customers, if you have in your terms and conditions a condition that is not allowing that, suspend this customer immediately.

Read about how to sell with ease in 2020 with these tricks.


Your customers are most important thing that your business have, you must treat them properly and don’t hesitate to suspend them if they are abusive.

5 reseller hosting tips and tricks.

cPanel reseller hosting

When we’re talking about reseller hosting marketing & startup we need to discuss some details.

When i started my own hosting business i also been a reseller because if your business is little you must make little investments.

Don’t try to get a big dedicated server from your first month because you don’t have enough money to afford it for your next month.

Don’t invest too much when your business is little.

If you have about 20 customers in your business don’t buy a high-end dedicated server because you will don’t have enough money to afford it in the next month.

Imagine if you don’t have money to afford your dedicated server in the next month, what will you do? Downgrade all of your customers?

Better if you remain on your reseller hosting plan until you get more customers that can pay you for your new dedicated server.

Always buy your reseller hosting for more than one month.

This is very importantly, what would be like to have your server for one year?

You will don’t have to worry for the next month and you will can offer your services at lowest prices because if you will not upgrade your reseller hosting plan immediately.

Use only dedicated IP addresses for your servers.

Is very important to use only dedicated IP addresses for your cPanel, Virtualizor, etc…

It is for performance, stability and branding purposes, for more information Read why your website need a dedicated IP address.

Give more, sell more.

If you will give more resources to your customers your brand popularity will increase, try to do this only if you have enough resources on your server.

Please note if you give too more, you website visitors can say “too good to be true” so try to get your prices under the market, but not too low.

Market your business via social media and SEO.

Your marketing is extremely important because it is grabbing your customers, you must attract them via social media posts but more importantly is your SEO.

Spend about 2 hours a day to get your best SEO score, you can check it via Moz.

Read about the difference between a VPS, VDS and a Dedicated server.


Is a little bit hard to maintain a reseller hosting company but if you know how to manage your customers and price everything will be ok, the startup is most hardly.

Why your website need a dedicated IP address?

IP Address

As a hosting provider i know is embarrassing for other hosting providers to have a shared IP address from many reasons.

Not only for other hosting providers but also for other types of websites like bogs or e-shops and many more.

The price of a dedicated IP address is $3 or $4 per month, but some other hosting provider offer it with one-time payment, we also give dedicated IP address on request for $4 one-time.

Some companies use your shared IP address as “advertising banner”.

How it is working? Simply, your IP rDNS (Reverse DNS) will return a hostname on Check-Host or other tools like it, for example:

IP address censored for privacy purposes.

As you see this IP address use the “Host name” (That’s how Check-Host name rDNS addresses), this is a shared IP address so the hosting provider have the right to set their own rDNS.

On a dedicated IP address you can contact your hosting provider to get a custom rDNS address, please note you cannot change ISP or Organization if you don’t own an IP class.

If a website is attacked via DDoS on your shared IP, all websites on this address will suffer downtime.

All DDoS/DoS based attacks will spam an IP address to make the websites unavailable for some moments.

It is like you are in an apartment building (shared IP) and your neighbor is using the drill (a website on your IP is getting DDoS), you will hear it too, but if you are in your own home you wouldn’t hear drill sound (on a dedicated IP address you won’t get affected).

On a dedicated IP address your website loads faster.

If there are so many websites on your IP address your website will start loading slower but if you have a dedicated IP address your website will load fast.

That’s because if many websites are using the same IP address will share also the website speed (this also depends on what type of website).

Some browsers won’t recognize SSL certificate for shared IP addresses.

Is true if your website have a shared IP address maybe some browsers won’t recognize your SSL self-signed certificate.

Read about what is the difference between VPS, VDS and Dedicated servers.


If hope after reading this article you will pay some attention to your website IP address and maybe move it to a new stage, a dedicated IP address.